General Terms and Conditions of Sale, Supply and Warranty

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The following General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTC) shall apply to all supplies of material by Joh. Bichsel AG, shall constitute an integral part of our sales documentation and shall be deemed to have been recognised by buyers upon presentation of an order. Any exceptions shall only be valid if confirmed in writing by Joh. Bichsel AG.

Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery
Amounts are specified in catalogues, offers and invoices in Swiss francs and are subject to value added tax. Prices may be altered at any time.

Delivery terms
Deliveries in Switzerland for an invoice amount greater than 500 francs shall be made carriage paid, provided that the shipments are dispatched by Bichsel truck or ordinary post. Otherwise, freight costs exceeding 5% of the value of the goods shall be charged in the invoice.
In the event of delivery abroad, all ancillary costs such as freight charges, insurance and customs duties shall be borne by the buyer.

Payment terms
Unless agreed otherwise, the applicable payment term shall be 30 days net after the date of the invoice. Deliveries abroad and deliveries to new clients shall in principle be conditional upon payment in advance. In such an eventuality, any delivery periods shall start to run after receipt of payment.
The goods shall remain our property until payment in full.

Delivery deadlines
Delivery deadlines shall be stated according to best expectations and shall be as short and precise as possible, but cannot however be guaranteed. No liability, damages claims or order cancellations will be accepted on account of delayed delivery. If payment has been made in advance, the delivery deadline shall start to run upon compliance with the payment terms.

Our buyers undertake to examine the goods immediately upon receipt. Goods that are not compliant with the specifications contained in the delivery docket or that feature evident defects must be objected to by the buyer within 3 working days. Damage caused during transit must be objected to promptly with the competent body (postal or rail service, forwarder). The recipient shall bear liability for any damage caused during transit that is not reported.
Goods that do not meet with expectations may only be returned within 5 working days.
Special orders may not be returned.

The contractual relationship between the customer and Joh. Bichsel AG shall be governed under all circumstances by Swiss law (Swiss Code of Obligations). The place of jurisdiction for any disputes shall be CH-3000 Bern.

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General Terms and Conditions of Sale, Supply and Warranty